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Dream Skull

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If you've never played any of our games from website, you're missing out. The dart throwing monkeys have been around for years now, and in the latest twist combine city building with the tower defense goodness you've come to love. In Bloons Monkey City you go behind the scenes to train, upgrade, and build a city for your monkey army to inhabit, all the while battling back the evil bloons from your lands.

Controls of the game

Only your Mouse

Tips and Tricks to own at this game

Place your monkeys strategically

Utilizing their strengths

Anywhere outside of the track to decimate the enemy

You will have many monkeys to place, with tougher and tougher bloons to go with it

Some maps may not be winnable unless you've researched the right upgrades

game review

On the other hand, between capturing different types of land, the contested territory arena, and monkey vs monkey play, there's always something interesting going on. While the basic gameplay is nearly the same as previous games, the town building and new layouts serve to keep things fresh, and the large map and different challenges will keep you engaged for days. Conclusion is, this is really fun game to play and kill some time you can definitly try playing Bloons Monkey City.